Thursday, October 18, 2012

Final Day Of ECO Conference

Here we are at the end of another ECO conference. Yesterday I presented "Putting on the Flash" describing my testing of the flash cache options in 11gR2. Today I present an updated "Exadata: A Critical Review" which now includes some data on the X3.

It has been perfect weather here but they are expecting thunderstorms today,  hope my flight home isn't delayed. The IBM conversion of TMS is going well so far from what I can see from Atlanta. The usual issues with organization and understanding how the we verses they way of doing things are happening, but I don't believe it is anything that can't be resolved.

The biggest new feature in Oracle12c seems to be the concept of pluggable databases. I will review this feature once I can actually play with it, but since I haven't been invited to the beta party I will have to wait like the rest of you, unless IBM can use their partner clout to get an advanced copy. I am trying to get the lab in Houston to provide me with a RamSan820 and an IBM server so I can begin testing for performance and other topics with our new technologies. Keep watching for anything interesting I find!

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