Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DOAG in Nuremberg

Well here it is Thursday in Nuremberg Germany. On Tuesday I gave my presentation "Validating your IO Subsystem - Coming Out of the Black Box" to a packed room (about 100 attendees). Nobody threw anything, I didn't see anyone sleeping and other than right at the end, no one walked out and everyone clapped at the end, so I guess it was successful!

I have seen Steve Feuerstein, Tom Kyte, Danial Morgan and several other big names in the industry here (as well as myself I guess!)

The booth traffic has been moderate to light with a few folks stopping in for extended chats. There seems to be a lot of interest in SSDs and we still need to correct misinformation and bad data about SSDs.

Nuremberg (at least Alt Nuremberg, the walled inner city) is wonderful, of course after our arrival on Sunday it has been raining which has limited sight-seeing (working from 7am to 5pm also puts a crimp in that) but usually we have been walking from the hotel into Old Town for dinner.

The DOAG conference is the largest in Germany and well worth the effort so far. If you are here and haven't stopped by, please do so!