Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TMS San Jose Road Show

Well after a rough start (getting there!) the San Jose TMS Road Show was a resounding success. Woody, Levi, Webex (one of our customers) and I addressed a packed room about TMS products and their use in resolving IO bottlenecks in computer architectures.

The audience responded well with many intellient and well thought out questions. With the wide level of expertise we brought to the show we were able to answer all questions asked. These road shows are a definite way to get your questions about using SSD technology answered!

Next week it is off to Chicago for the second road show. If you are in the Chicago area please register (use the link on the blog title) and hopefully we will see you there!


(I tell about my adventure getting to the road show in my personal blog at http://mikerault.blogspot.com)