Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News from VOUG 2010

Here in Richmond I am attending the VOUG 20101 conference. Rich Niemiec did the Keynote Address on “How Oracle came to Rule the Database World”, as usual Rich gave a great presentation. Wev’ve had good booth traffic and some interested folks asking great questions.

In my first presentation, “Detailed AWR Analysis” I had a full room (about 30-40 folks) and lots of good questions. Overall there are about 150 attendees, essentially on par with last year, which is saying a lot with this economy! My second presentation (a vendor presentation), “Testing to Destruction: Part 2” was also well attended with 20-30 attendees with loads of questions and positive comments.

Due to a scheduling SNAFU I am the only TMS person today so I am doing the booth/table as well as my presentations so it doesn’t leave a lot of time to attend other presentations, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to report on some other folk’s papers.