Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Bolt from the Blue

In a move announced by press release today at 8am EST catching industry analysts flatfooted, IBM leaped to the front lines of the solid state storage devices wars. In a single bold stroke they can lay the claim of having the fastest, most advanced solid state storage technology for their engineered systems. IBM has agreed to purchase TMS: lock, stock and RamSan.
Press Release

I went to bed last night wearing the red shirts of TMS. However, having been a fan of Star Trek since it first made its TV debut, I should have known that red shirts are usually gone by the first commercial. Rather than meet death as any brave red-shirted Star Trek security would, I have instead been converted to a blue shirt in a wholly painless and so far, enjoyable, process. TMS will be a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM at closing later this year with the ranks and privileges that entails. I guess I may have to resolve even to like AIX…
In a process that has taken several weeks and been shrouded in such  secrecy as would make Star Trek security mavens proud, IBM and TMS have worked together to make the union of the two companies as smooth as is possible. There are many plans afoot to integrate RamSan technologies into the IBM technology stack. So Exadata beware, there is a new Sherriff in town and he’s wearing blue!

So watch this blog as TMS becomes a part of the IBM universe for announcements and the joys of becoming a part of an iconic undisputed leader in the computer world.

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